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        During her 82 years of a country Thai lady, Granny Eng Janchalerm had never found that her black hair ever faded from their naturally blackness. Granny was not only our respectful ancestor but also our sparkling inspiration from which our business grew up since 1986. What happened to her hair was not a solely positive image made up by a magic of modern media or hi-techno-dependent, but a possibility of natural products positively effected on everybody’s hair. She educated us about herbal’s qualification in an old-fashion way and her hair proved her words so that the reality we saw in spired us to develop our traditional herbal use to a business of making herbal shampoo and conditioner. That was how we started the business. We are proud of our country ancestor’s intelligence to know about local herbal’s qualifications and uses. Also we are proud of our being the first domestic producer of quality herbal products with several awards guaranteed.
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