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Gentle Baivan  Liquid Soap
about17.jpg Tamarind & Honey Liquid Soap
       Tamarind riches in AHA,  smoothens, clarifies and brightens skin. Honey
helps PH balance, revives, moisturizes and replenish skin’s texture for oily
skin types.
about17.jpg Turmeric and Honey Liquid Soap
        Cur cumin extracted from Turmeric contains the essential benefits for
skin treatment, regulates cell renewal, leaves skin soft and smooth. Providing
a healthy skin and reducing prickly heat or irritation on skin. Suitable for all
skin types.
about17.jpg Aloe Vera with Rice Bran Oil Liquid Soap
        For dry and sensitive skin. “Tryrosinase enzyme”, excellent organic
substances extracted from jelly of Aloe-Vera prevents black spots, freckles
and burning on skin. Also slow down the aging of skin cell. Rice Bran Oil, a
natural moisturizer, nourishes your skin and acts as anti-oxidant, protecting
skin from lines and wrinkles.