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Baivan Oil Conditioner
        Baivan oil conditioners created for preventing your hair from becoming tangled
and can also improve dry or damaged hair. Our production of natural oil conditioners
are less chemical and minimize environmental impact. There are 3 formulas available.
about17.jpg Coconut oil Conditioner This creamy coconut oil conditioner help tangle-free
& restore natural shine to dry/damaged hair as well as protect hair from getting
dry, brittle and static electricity.
about17.jpg Sesame oil Conditioner This naturally-formulated sesame oil conditioner is
specially made to enrich hair’s health. Delicate treatment with natural moisture
will leave your hair healthy with tangle-free, silky and shiny.
about17.jpg Olive & rice bran oil Conditioner This formula is specially made to enrich
hair’s health. Formulated for protecting hair losses, getting dry and brittle.
For intensive treatment we suggest Coconut oil Extra Hair Treatment.
     Coconut oil is known for reducing premature grey-hair, providing amino acid and
vitamin E to improve volume and feel of damaged hair, smooth, shiny and enrich the
hair cuticle.