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A natural herb-extract scrub bars
         Baivan scrub bars is the nature’s own cleaning agent that not only delivers
power of cleansing but also treats your skin in a way nature intended. From
extracted premium herbs through the “Cold Process” production method,
our ‘vegetable bases’ earns and maintains more of natural glycerin with mild
cleansing suds. It provides natural moisturizer absorbed into skin more deeply and good for deep cleansing, suitable for the face and body. Also being added of our
unique herbs scrubbing texture in each formula.
about17.jpg Turmeric & Safflower Scrub Bars
  A great combination of 2 herbs provides a perfect cleansing agent. Preventing irritation and reducing prickly heat. Safflower provide a natural
moisturizer to skin and it’s leaves help scrubbing dead skin cell gently.
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